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    LearnFromGuru’s DevOps Training, will introduce to the participants to explore the master programmers who wants to learn how to  develop the software application.

    Participants will be offered guidance and will share lot of demo’s on each topic with real time examples

    Participants will also get to implement one project towards the end of the course.

    After the completion of the DevOps at LearnFromGuru, you will be able to:

    1.Understandtheneed for DevOps and the problem sit resolves.

    2.Learn about the common Infrastructure Servers, Scalability and Availability

    3. Basic Overview of Scripting Languages

    4. Implement Virtualization Concepts

    5. Understand the need and concepts of Monitoring and Logging 6. Learn various DevOps tools Chef, Jenkins, Subversion, Nagios, GIT, etc.

    This is a foundation course to anyone who aspires to become a DevOps Engineer and this Course is designed for people who have little or no knowledge of development and Operations. This course provides basic over view of DevOps focused mainly at Entry Level DevOps Engineers

    Introduction to DevOps and its Necessities

    Learning Objectives– In this module, you will understand what is DevOps and its necessities, its day-to-day roles and the problems& solutions. You will also learn about the various infrastructure layouts and understand Scalability and Availability. Brief about Phases in DevOps- CP,CI,CD(including environment provisioning)

    • Understand the need for Release Engineering
    • Learn About How Agile Development Methodology works
    • Get familiar with various Software Release Methodologies
    • Under the concepts & fundamentals of Versioning
    • Under the concepts & fundamentals of Build management
    • Under the concepts & fundamentals of CI
    • Under the concepts & fundamentals of Release management
    • Learn tools like Git, Maven, and Jenkins etc.
    • Configuration management with Chef.


    • Version Control tools: svn,git.
    • Build tools: Ant, Maven
    • Continuous Integration tools: Jenkins
    • Configuration management with Chef and puppet
    • Cloud computing with AWS.

    Version control:

    • Software Configuration Management overview & fundamentals
    • Elements of Software Configuration Management
    • Establishing change control Procedures in SDLC
    • Version Control Terminologies
    • Version control LIFE CYCLE
    • Install & Configure SVN
    • Repository Setup
    • Performing, Reviewing & Updating changes
    • exploring Branching, Merging and Tagging
    • Introduction to Distributed version controlling


    • Overview of Build management
    • Build best practices
    • Need of Build tools
    • Introduction to Ant
    • Ant Environment Set-up
    • Anatomy of a Build file
    • Projects
    • Properties
    • Targets
    • Tasks
    • Data Types
    • Different ways to Run a build file
    • Packaging Applications
    • Deploying Applications

    Continuous Integration:

    • Concept of Continuous Integration
    • What does it really mean?
    • CI workflow
    • Benefits & why Jenkins?
    • Jenkins Installation and Configuring
    • Set up Nodes
    • Configuring & Managing nodes
    • Managing Plugins
    • Access control
    • Creating jobs
    • Jenkins working dir
    • Master – slave
    • Build with parameters
    • Downstream/Upstream projects
    • Run Ant/Maven project
    • Views
    • Setting a Continuous job to build & publish when a change is submitted
    • Publishing test cases (Junit, selenium)

    Configuration management with Chef and puppet:

    • Overview of Chef
    • Common Chef Terminology (Server, Workstation, Client, Repository etc.)
    • Servers and Nodes
    • Chef Configuration Concepts
    • Workstation Setup
    • How to configure knife
    • Execute some commands to test connection between knife and workstation
    • Organization Setup
    • Create organization
    • Add yourself and node to organization
    • Test Node Setup
    • Create a server and add to organization
    • Check node details using knife
    • Databags
    • How to create Databags
    • Add Databags to organization
    • Node Objects and Search
    • How to Add Run list to Node
    • Cloud computing with AWS.
    • Check node Details
    • Environments
    • How to create Environments
    • Add servers to environments
    • Roles
    • Create roles
    • Add Roles to organization
    • Advanced Chef
    • What is foodcritic and TestKichen
    • Improve and expand on the existing recipes
    • One-click system launching


    • Introduction to Puppet
    • Installation and Configuration of Master server and agents
    • Managing Manifests
    • Creating and Managing modules
    • Version control with Puppet

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