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    Phone : 408 - 657 – 4159

    LearnFromGuru’s .NET Developer Training, will introduce to the participants to explore the master  programmers who wants to learn how to  develop the software application.

    Participants will be offered guidance and will share lot of demo’s on each topic with real time examples

    Participants will also get to implement one project towards the end of the course.

    After the completion of the .NET Developer at LearnFromGuru, you will be able to:

    1. Understand .NET Framework Architecture
    2. Implement programming logic using C#
    3. Develop Console Applications and build class libraries (reusable code )
    4. OOPS using C#
    5. Client side script using Javascript
    6. Build web application
    7. Build web services
    8. Hosting Web Application and Services into IIS
    9. Provide Web Application security
    10. Develop and consume Web Services (Soap Based)

    Have any programming language concepts like C, C++, PASCAL etc., Willing to participate in web application development


    • Course Objective, .NET Framework introduction
    • .NET Architecture, CLR, .NET program Execution
    • Visual Studio IDE components and features

    Programming using C#

    • Introduction to C#.NET, Writing C#.NET programs, Class libraries, Working with CTS
    • Working with Console class, Covert class
    • Control structures if, switch, loops Understand Arrays.
    • Working with single dimension, double dimension and Jagged Array

    OOPs using C#

    • OOPS concepts (Encapsulation, Abstraction, Inheritance, Polymorphism) OOPS using C#.NET Types, Abstract classes, Interfaces, POCO Classes Exception Handling
    • Working with Collections, Assemblies & Class libraries

    Windows Forms

    • Windows Forms Introduction Developing standalone applications Working with TOOLS handling events

    Database using Sql Server

    • Introduction to RDBMS
    • Working with DDL, DML commands
    • Crud operations using Queries
    • Crud operations using Stored Procedures


    • Introduction to database connectivity and importance Connection and Disconnection Oriented Model Examples to perform CRUD operations

    Web Application basics

    • Introduction and importance
    • Client Server Architecture

    Client side technologies 

    • HTML Concepts, Styles using CSS Javascript, JQuery concepts
    • XML and Json database format


    • Introduction to Web Application,
    • Understanding Website, Web Server, Web Browsers, Web Page.
    • Client side and Server side scripting.
    • GET and POST methods, Creating Web application
    • HTTP protocol, URL, response object, request object.
    • Asp.net Page Submission process, ASP.NET page level events.

    ASP.NET Web Server Controls 

    • Using Server Side Tools,
    • Sample programs using controls like
    •  (Textbox, Label, Literal, Checkbox, RadioButton,etc.,)


    • Understand PostBack, Working with Postback,
    • Types of PostBack: IsPostBack, AutopostBack, CrossPagePostback. Examples

    Other controls

    • Calendar Control, File upload control,
    • Adrotator Control, MultiView Control, Validation Controls


    • ADO.NET in ASP.NET
    • CRUD Operations in WebApplications, connections strings in web.config file

    Exception Handling in ASP.NET

    • Structured Exception Handling, Page Level exception Handling, Application Level Exception Handling


    • Linq Introduction Architecture, Linq Like query
    • Sql Like Queries

    LinqToSql (ORM)

    • Introduction To ORM and Architecture
    • Linq To Sql Classes
    • CRUD operations using LinqToSql (Simplify database interaction)

    3-Tier Architecture 

    • Introduction, Importance
    • Different Layers and Tiers
    • Implementation of Business Logic, Application Logic and Presentation Logic
    • Example/Demo

    DataBound Controls

    • DataBoundControls(GridView, FormView, DetailsView) DataSource Controls(SqlDataSource, XMLDataSource, etc.,) Demo, Task

    State Management Techniques 

    • Introduction, Default HTTP State, Client Side Techniques(ViewState, Querystring, cookies) Server Side Techniques(Session, Application, Cache)

    Page Redirection 

    • Using Controls (Button, LinkButton, HyperLink,etc.,)
    • Using Code ( Response.Redirect, Server.Transfer,  Server.Execute)

    Master Pages 

    • Introduction, creating Masterpage template
    • Sample Example

    IIS (Web Server)

    • Working with IIS,
    • Hosting Application and Service into IIS) Difference between IIS and IIS Express

    ASP.NET Security

    • Authentication and Authorization Examples on Windows Authentication, Forms(Web) Authentication and authorization

    Web Services

    • Introduction,
    • Advantages, SOA, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI
    • Creating a Web Service, Consuming Web Service.
    • Introduction, difference between other services and WCF services.

    WCF Services

    • Introduction, Example,Task

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