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Phone : 408 - 657 – 4159

LearnFromGuru’s Linux Admin Training, will introduce to the participants to explore the  core concepts of Linux-based Servers, its architecture and management  concepts.

Participants will be offered guidance and will share lot of demo’s on each topic with real time examples.

Participants will also get to implement one project towards the end of the course.

After the completion of the Linux course at LearnFromGuru, you will be able to:

This training course is for competently administering Redhat Enterprise Linux 7 Server That includes understanding core concepts of Linux-based Servers, its architecture, management tools, monitoring and tuning performance, installing and managing network services.

On successful completion of this course, the participant will be confident enough to apply for job profiles in Linux Administration or Linux Engineering, and also help in the exam for Redhat Certification for Systems Administration. 

Anyone who has a good understanding of  Administration can join this course.

Linux Fundamentals:

  •  Introducing Linux-based Systems Architecture
  • Linux Kernel and Shell Concepts
  • Similarities and differences between Linux and Windows Systems

Working with Linux Files and Folders:

  • Linux File System Hierarchy – Directory Structure
  • bash – the default shell in Enterprise Linux
  • shell Commands for File/Folder Management
  • vi/vim – a powerful Command Line File Editor

User and Group Administration:

  • Creating, Modifying and Deleting User and Group Accounts
  • Root – the superuser in Linux Operating Systems and ‘sudo’ privileges
  • Assigning Password Aging Policies for Users
  • Adding Groups and affiliating Users to Groups

Managing Hard Disk Partitions:

  • Managing Physical Storage with Hard Disk Partitions
  • Create a Disk Partition, Format it with a File System and Use it
  • Create and Manage a Swap Space
  • Logical Volume Management (LVM)
  • Manage Physical Volumes, Volume Groups and Logical Volumes

File and Folder Permissions:

  • Secure Linux File Access, UGO Concepts
  • Managing File System Access Control Lists (ACL)

Managing Application Software:

  • Install, Update, Upgrade and Uninstall Packages
  • Manage Package installation using ‘rpm’ and ‘yum’

Network Administration:

  • Network Configuration Files and Administration
  • Setting up a Network in Linux System
  • Basic Network Troubleshooting Process
  • Administering Remote Systems
  •  Accessing a Remote Shell using SSH

Monitor Server Performance:

  • Monitor System Resources and Server Performance
  • Background Processes
  • Managing Processes, Priorities and Signals
  • Scheduling Tasks using ‘at’ and ‘cron’

Firewall and OS Level Security:

  • Managing Firewall Protection
  • Managing SELinux Security

Managing General Services:

  • Managing Services
  • Deploy and configure HTTP Web Server (Apache)
  • Deploy and configure FTP Server
  • Configuring NFS & CIFS (Samba)

System Logs Management:

  • System Logs Management
  • Rotating Logs
  • Log Summary Report Configuration

‘GRUB’ Boot Loader:

  • GRUB – the default Boot Loader
  • Control Boot Process and Run-Levels
  • Troubleshooting Boot issue

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